Let’s play doctor – Part 1


Tim studies in Monte Vista High School in California and is in his senior year. He is an introvert boy who likes playing his guitar while composing music as his hobby. He also plays at a bar as a part time job to face his fear of being shy and quiet. He is the odd one in his high school being alienated by most of his peers. He is in the same class as Shelby who is his dream girl since elementary school.

He is invited by his classmate Shelby for a summer break party. He arrives to her house surprisingly early. He is nervous to knock the door of his classmate and suddenly Shelby opens the door. “Hey Tim, your early! Take a seat and well make yourself at home”. Tim’s heart starts to beat fast and also his breathing. Shelby appears and asks him if he wants anything to drink while waiting for the rest to come. “It’s alright Shelby. I’m good” replied Tim with a nervous voice. Shelby still goes to the back and makes him a drink. She brings the drink outside the living room where Tim is sitting and she sits beside him. Tim starts to feel butterflies in his stomach and his face starts to blush.

Shelby notices it and start engaging conversation with him to not make thing awkward. As so as he wanted to start a conversation, someone knocks her door. She goes and opens the door and it’s her boyfriend Jack Richardson and his friends. Jack Richardson is a top football player in Monte Vista High School. Jack barge in her house and sees Tim sitting there “boy’s let’s play doctor” Jack orders his friends to bully him. While bullying him the whole of Shelby’s friends came and sees Tim being bullied. Shelby persuades Jack to stop and leave him alone so that the party can start. “Why did you invite this loser to the party?” Jack and his friends threw Tim out of the house.

The party starts Tim goes in the house while looking around the house just to find Shelby in her huge house. He goes upstairs and hears screams in what seems to be her room. He opens the door and sees Jack abusing Shelby. Punching her in the stomach and putting his leg on her neck. “How dare you invite him to the party and how dare you stop me from beating him into a pulp. You’re my little dog on a leash!”

He goes in and stops Jack from doing so. Jack is so furious and takes Shelby’s lamp and throws it at Tim’s head. Tim goes down on the floor and Jack is still pissed off and continues to kick him in his abdomen. “Who you think you are?” exclaimed Jack. Jack sees blood flowing out of Tim’s head and he rushed down and calls his friends to run away.

Crying Shelby goes near Tim and takes off her shirt and wraps his bleeding head. “I think I saw an angel” said Tim just before he passes out. Shelby goes down and calls off the party. “Sorry guys’ Tim is injured badly”. All of Shelby’s friends leave her house. “Tim’s a loser, Shelby’s a loser” chanted her friends. After everyone left she makes a police report and Tim is being sent to the hospital.

The next day, Shelby is sitting beside Tim at the hospital and she is confronted by two police officers telling her that, Jack and his friends are nowhere to be seen and Tim overheard this and gives a smile.

~To Be Continued~


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