Let’s play doctor – Part 2

The sound of birds chirping echoes the hallway.  Tim is wakes up by a sound of a funny snore. “Good Morning, Angel” said Tim with a smile on his face. “Morning, babe. NO NO NO. Sorry Tim I thought you were Jack” replied embarrassed Shelby.

“Good Morning, Tim. You will be out of here in a few days” says the doctor. “A few days?” replied Tim. “Yes, Tim. We just need to monitor you”. “It’s alright Tim, I’ll be here with you till you are discharged” said Shelby to comfort Tim.

Days passed and it’s time for Tim to be discharged. “Alright Tim, your recovery is remarkably quick and in the afternoon you may discharge” the doctor explains to Tim.  “That’s good news doctor” replied Tim. “Look at your girlfriend, she is sleeping soundly” said the doctor. Tim is blushing and replied “I wish that she will be mine. She is perfect but not at the same time. She is what I call the one”. The doctor can’t deny the fact, smiled and left the room.

“Am I perfect, Tim?” asked Shelby. “Yes, ofcourse!” replied Tim with confident. Shelby was speechless and smiles.

The heat of the sun starts to build in the room. The sound of bags zipping, switches being turned off and doors being close. “We are out of here Tim” exclaimed Shelby.

“Do you want to stay a night with me Tim?” nervously Shelby asked. “Sure thing” happily Tim answered. “By the way where are your parents? Don’t mind me asking.” Curiously Shelby asked. “My parents are on a month business trip in France” answered Tim.

In Shelby’s house Tim is greeted with her parents “Hello. Are you Shelby’s new boyfriend?” Tim laughed and replied “I think I am Mister and Misses Sheller. My name is Tim”. “I like this boy. You should go for him not Jack. That self-centered boy” said Shelby’s father to Shelby.

Shelby shows Tim his room which is just opposite of hers. “Well Goodnight” said both of them at the same time.

In the middle of the night it was raining heavily and the sound of lightning which Shelby is afraid of. Shelby is fast awake and she and goes to Tim. She sees Tim dead asleep and sleeps beside Tim. Tim wakes up and sees her and asked “Don’t be afraid Angel I’m here for you”. Both of them slept through the rain soundly.

Tim wakes up and sees Shelby not beside him. He thought that he was dreaming. He screamed for her. She ran up the stairs and rushed to Tim. “What’s wrong Tim?” asked Shelby. “Was wondering where you went” answered Tim with relief. Shelby went down and brought breakfast for Tim. “Breakfast in bed it seems Shelby, I love it but you know what comes after it right?” jokingly Tim replied. “I know what comes after it babe” answered Shelby.

Tim finishes his breakfast as fast as possible and takes a shower while Shelby goes down and cleans up.

Tim comes out from the shower and sees Shelby reading a book on the bed. Tim goes to her and delivers a kiss to her. Both of them are in the moment and suddenly her father opens the door and said “Finally, you guys have fun”. Shelby is so embarrassed and so is Tim.

Later that night and the following nights both of them enjoy doing funny things together. Days have pass and so did the number of days they are together happily.

One day, Tim decided to take his father’s car to go on a road trip with Shelby. “Let’s just drive and drive” said Tim. Shelby replied “Why not babe!” Shelby lay on Tim’s shoulder and ask him “let’s have some fun!” Tim look excited and both of them make love. Suddenly Shelby was so excited until she scratched Tim’s back. “Ouch! Babe relax babe!” Tim replied. “Sorry babe did not feel this good in ages” Shelby replied.

After they are done they went home. Tim carries Shelby to her room and exhausted Tim fell fast asleep.

The next morning Tim hears Shelby moaning and he ran to her room and sees a familiar face making love with Shelby. Tim screams and the boy turned and he is Shelby’s friend. “Danny what are you doing with her” screamed Tim. “Finishing what you have started” replied Danny while laughing.

Tim packs his stuffs and left Shelby’s house. Later that night Tim cries himself to sleep and woke up by a bang on the door. He opens the door and sees two police officers. “You are a prime suspected for the death of Shelby Sheller and we would want to bring you in for questioning” said Officer Bob.

~To Be Continued~


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