Let’s play doctor – The Final Chapter

The smell of coffee down the hallway and the sound of a door begin close shut behind Tim. “Hello, Tim McCorn, My name is Officer Michael Shadows” explains Officer Shadows. “Sorry to disturb your sleep but we need to ask you a few questions regarding Shelby Sheller” Officer Shadows adds.

Tim looks confuse and very blur. “Where was the last time you saw Shelby Sheller?” asked Officer Shadows. “The last time is saw her was yesterday, around nine in the morning” answered Tim. “Then can you explain how can your DNA be under her fingernails?” shouted Officer Shadows. Tim was in shocked and he starts to cry. He is innocent but he gets his head straight and explains to Officer Shadows “The night before that she scratched my back”. Tim shows his back to Officer Shadows and Tim continues to explain “I was not the last person to see her. I left her house because I saw Danny Phillip one of her friend making love with her and I left”.

“Is Danny the same high school as Shelby?” asked Officer Shadows in curiosity. “No, Danny doesn’t go to school but he works somewhere I forgot” answered Tim. “Do you remember how this Danny boy looks like?” asked Officer Shadows in a calm manner. “His face is oblong shaped; his nose is quite sharp, hazel eyes and a scar at his right chest when he turned to look at me” answered Tim with confidents. “Don’t go anywhere far Tim we might need to see you again” explains Officer Shadows to Tim.

He goes back home in the early morning and continues to sleep. Later that night his boss from the bar calls him to meet him in person.

“Where on earth you been Tim for two weeks and counting you did not enter work. No one wants to replace you to play on stage” screamed Tim’s boss. “You better have a good sets of song for tonight’s crowd” Tim’s boss added.

Sound of guitar tuning, sound of static and the voice of Tim testing the microphone echoes the bar. Tim plays all his songs and he has one more song to play. “This song is for my angel whom I love” says Tim.

Claps of the audience fill the entire bar and Tim looks very happy. His boss doesn’t look amused and he shouted at him “What a useless song you sang. You’re fired, don’t you ever come back. Come back with a useless set of songs”.

In sadness Tim packs his things and drives off. The sound of siren echoes the entire neighbourhood. “Stop there Tim. You are under arrest for the murder of Shelby Sheller” said Officer Shadows with a megaphone.

Just before Tim press the break he is now seated on the passenger seat. He looks at the driver and in shocked he screams and fainted for a moment. The gets up and sees Danny driving the car. “Danny what are you doing?” asked Tim. “Are you stupid, Tim? I’m driving” answered Danny.

“Why did you kill Shelby? How could you?” exclaimed Tim. “I got bored of her. She is to dry and she thinks he can dominate any boy she gets. So yeah, I killed her. Chopped her and put her part under a bridge” explains Danny while laughing.

“How can you break into her house?” Tim asked in confusion. “Break in? I was already in the house Timid Tim” Danny answered. “I don’t understand? Why you kill her, how can you kill your friend?” Tim exclaim. “Tim, Tim you still don’t get it. I’m not Shelby’s friend. You knew me after you have a concussion remember?” explains Danny.

“Stop Tim, how could you lie to me? Describe Danny as yourself. The scar Danny has on the right is cause by a pole pierce through when he was young, the same as you” said Officer Shadows with the megaphone

“Don’t tell me that we are the same person?” Tim asked. “B.I.N.G.O! Tim you win. Finally you get it, you created me because you need to get Shelby” Danny answered with excitement. “Then how about Jack and his friends, don’t tell me that I killed them, I mean you” said Tim. “Remember Tim we are the same person. Whatever I do, you actually did it too. Yes, I killed them too but I killed them because you wished for it” Danny explains with happiness. “How did you kill them, when I’m in bed the whole time?” asked Tim. “It’s simple Tim. Your mind is asleep not mine. I track them down, slit their throat, crush their car and put it at the junkyard” answered Danny. “You sick person” shouted Tim. “We both are sick. Let’s go for a ride that you will only remember once” said Danny. Danny drove off the cliff and they died.



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