It’s your nightmare – Part 1

“Hey Billy, I want to take a girl I like on a date but I don’t have the guts to do so” said Chris. “Don’t worry Chris, I’ll help you. Let’s go on a so call double date to the carnival in town. I’ll bring my girlfriend along and you can bring… What’s her name again?” said Billy. “Jennifer is her name” replied Chris. “Don’t worry Chris she will say yes” Billy replied with confidence.

The next day, Chris goes up to Jennifer and ask her “do you want to go to the carnival in town tonight?”. “I would love to Chris but first ride is on you” Jennifer replied with a big smile.

“I told you she will say yes” said Billy. “I know… You told me so” said Chris. “Hey, I hate say this but I told you so” Billy replied and burst into laughter.

Later that night, Billy picks up Chris at his home. “Look who is a happy boy” said Billy’s girlfriend, Lisa. “You told Lisa about Jennifer, Billy?” Chris asked Billy in embarrassment. “Hey, she asked who the fourth person is” Billy replied. “Alright fine” replied Chris. “So where’s her house?” asked Billy.

They reach Jennifer’s house. “Hey guys, oh wait is it a double date I see” Jennifer says and lay on Chris shoulder.

“We are here guys” said Billy. “Welcome to Marshmallow Carvinal” says the ringmaster.

“Hey you two have fun first. Then we meet at the house of mirrors at midnight” Billy tells Chris and Jennifer.

“Well let’s ride the roller-coaster” says Chris. “Why not, first rides on you remember” Jennifer replies.

Chris and Jennifer had so much fun. They go to the house of mirrors and waited for Billy and Lisa. “Hey guys, let’s go go go” said Billy with an excited voice. “Why are you so happy, Billy?” asked Chris. “I finally make love with Lisa” replied Billy. “Congrats I guess” Chris replied.

They entered the house of mirror and they had fun.

“Alright guys. We had fun, now let’s go for a beer” said Billy.

They go round and round in the hall of mirrors and can’t find the exit.

“Billy where are you? Lisa where are you? Where are you guys?” screamed Chris.

“I’m scared Chris” Jennifer says while stuttering.

“Hold my hand Jennifer. Do not let go” Chris tells Jennifer.

Chris takes the lead and turns back to see how Jennifer is and she is gone.

Chris turns to the mirror and see a surgeon. The surgeon pulls Chris in the mirror

~To Be Continued~


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