It’s your nightmare – Part 2

A foul smell fills up the room where Chris is tied down on a bed.

“Where am I?” screamed Chris.

Chris sees a tall and slender silhouette coming to him.

“Who are you?” asked Chris. “I’m your surgeon for tonight” replied the surgeon. “What are you going to do to me? Chris asks in confusion. “Shut the hell up. You ask too much questions” replied the surgeon.

The surgeon takes a scalpel from the floor and Chris screamed “Please, for the love of God not me”.

“Hate to twist your mind but God is not on your side” said surgeon. Chris starts to pray. “Why are you praying Chris?” asked the surgeon. “I pray by the grace of God that there’s somebody listening” screamed Chris. “No one can hear you. Not even your friends” replied the surgeon and gives Chris a big smile

The surgeon goes out of the room and Chris starts to free himself by moving around rigorously. “OH GOD NO, PLEASE NOT MY HANDS, NOOOOOO!” hears Chris as he frees himself. “Billy is that you?” Chris whispers to himself.

Chris opens the door and hears a girl crying and follows it. It leads to a room not far from where he was bound. Chris opens the door and sees Jennifer with screws on both sides of her head. “Don’t worry Jenny I’ll take it off” says Chris. “Don’t, I have tried it and it hurts” replied Jennifer.

“Where is everyone?” asked Chris. “I heard Billy screamed a while ago” said Jennifer. “We need to find the rest” Chris tells Jennifer.

They proceed to the hallway and goes up a stairs. Chris opens the door and is shocked to see a beautiful and huge mansion.

They make a great escape to the main door but it’s locked. Chris tries to find and break a window so that they can escape but every window has been covered up with cement.

“Chris, finally I found you” said Billy. As Chris turns around and looks at Billy, he is shock to see that his hands have been replaced by chainsaws.

“What happened Billy?” asked Chris. “The surgeon cut it off” Billy answered and tears starts to flow.

“Where is Lisa?” Chris asked. “She is asleep and what is worst than this, is that she is pregnant” replied Billy.

They went up to the bedroom were Lisa is asleep. They saw that she cut opened her abdomen and bleed to death. “Oh my God, why did you do this?” Billy sobs. Billy could not take the death of Lisa and he uses his chainsaw and cut his head off.

“NOOO BILLYYYYY” screamed Chris and Jennifer. Chris is so upset and runs out of the room.

Jennifer and Chris stayed at one of the master bedroom in the mansion for few days.

While Chris is asleep, Jennifer stands beside him while holding a knife and tells him “Chris I can’t take it anymore”

~To Be Continued~


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