It’s your nightmare – The Final Show

Jennifer slits her wrist and just lay there while singing. Her sweet voice turns soft and finally she stops singing.

In the morning, Chris is shocked to see Jennifer lying on her own blood. “JENNIFER” screams Chris. The floor is in a mess with her blood. Chris sits there in shock and cries.


Chris laughs loudly till he went insane and pick up Jennifer’s body. He put her body on the kitchen counter and uses a knife to cut her open. He takes out all her internal organs to mummify her and makes her into his personal mannequin.

He goes to the room were Billy and Lisa killed themselves to mummify them to make himself not lonely. When he goes to the room, he can’t find Lisa’s body, only Billy’s. He takes Billy’s body and not thinking where Lisa is’ and cuts him open.

He makes Billy stand and dress Jennifer in a white dress. He stand proudly on the alter and moving Billy’s mouth while he says the words like in a real marriage.

“I do” says Chris. Chris kiss Jennifer’s body and they sets off to the ballroom to have a fest.

Chris sits on one end and Jennifer sit on the other.

Food is being serve by dead corpse which is Billy, his wife Lisa and his little baby boy.

“Thank you Billy” says Chris. “Like I said I will be always be on your side” replied Billy’s corpse.

“Hey Lisa, where you been just now?” asked Chris.  “Went to see the surgeon to get my baby boy out” replied Lisa. “Congrats you two” Chris tells Billy and Lisa. “When is your turn Chris” ask Lisa. “I’m not so sure but I will name him Michael, if I got a boy” replied Chris in laugher.

“Welcome to the final show my fellow friends” says the surgeon. The ballroom is filled with claps.

“All it takes is one bad tragedy to make the sanest man into a lunatic” says the surgeon while taking of the facial mask. “It’s you the ringmaster!” screamed Chris. “HAHAHAHA. Welcome to my world Chris” replied surgeon.

“I love you so much Chris, that I will make you live forever” says Jennifer.

~The End~


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