The strange case of Phillips – The Final Story

“Where is she?” screamed Detective Michael.

Detective Michael runs to the mall to find Detective Christina.

“Check the cameras in the mall” said Detective Michael through the microphone to the surveillance team.

“Sir there is no camera in this mall” said Billy, one of member in the surveillance team.

“What do you mean?” said Detective Michael.

“This mall is pretty very rundown” said Billy.

“I can’t lose another person” said Detective Michael.

Detective Michael goes to Phillips house to find Detective Christina.

He knocks the door but no one answers it. He kicks he door and see no one inside.

He goes to the computer and sees the next story “the undercover and the profiler”.

“The undercover is Detective Christina and then who is the profiler?” said Detective Michael.

Phillips wakes up in a cabin in the woods and smells a foul smell. He follows the smell and it leads to an unclose freezer. Before he looks what is inside he looks up to see jars of body parts.

“Did I actually killed everyone and write a story about it?” said Phillips

“Impossible” screamed Phillips.

Phillips looks inside and sees Detective Christina and Detective Michael in the freezer.

“Who am I kidding? It’s just a dream, an inspiration for my next story” said Phillips.

He opens his blog and sees that the recent story is “the undercover and the profiler” he panics and sees one story in a draft. He opens it and the title says “The final story from a sinner”. Phillips reads it and the final line states “He picks up a gun and shoot himself in the head”

Phillips is shocked to read it and he hears his door banging.

“Open up Phillips, you are surrounded” said the SWAT team outside his cabin.

“What should I do?” said Phillips.

He tries to think of an escape plan and goes to Detective Michael’s body and finds a gun. He reloads it and fires it.

~The End~


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