Buying and selling myself – Part 1

Here I am being supported neither with my two feet nor my family but with life supports.

I could not sleep ever since a patient beside me admitted, him and his girlfriend. Not because of their sweet talks but his girlfriend’s snore. I asked him “Can you stand her snore?”. He replied “Shelby’s snore is the funniest snore ever”. He said that, smile and close the curtain.

The doctor told me “Look here Isabella, there is no point on the life support. You are burning your money away. Use that money to have a proper funeral”. I told him “I will think about it”.

I thought I had everything in place but drugs and AIDS got me. Before this I sell my body to hungry and thirsty men but now worrying about where I am going to end up after I go. Heaven or Hell?

How is God going to forgive me for all the sins I did. The drugs, the prostitution and the murder. Yes! Murder!  I killed by boyfriend because I was high on bath salts. My roommate told me how I killed him.

At first we took off our clothes getting ready to have sexual intercourse before that we injected bath salts and as we start getting on it I bit him on the neck. He likes it at first but then he screamed in pain.

Actually I was eating him alive without realizing it. My roommate was too high to help stop it can when she got up she when into panic mode and help me cover the evidence and crush his bones and threw them in the bin. The reminding flesh she gave it to a man that she knew wants it. I am sure that if she is still alive she will be by my side. She is the greatest and craziest roommate ever.

That is why I’m worried where I am going to end up. So I ask the nurse to find a priest for a confession that I never did for a long time.

After a few minutes the nurse came back with the priest. He told me not to worry and told me “God forgives everyone”. I never felt so light like this in my life, even drugs don’t make me this light.

It took me awhile to think, should I pull the plug or should I not. I ask a patient named Tim beside me “Should I just pull the plug?”. He ask me “Do you I have a boyfriend?”. “Hmm. No. Not like you and your girlfriend

I called the doctor to tell him that I want a normal funeral with people holding an umbrella and request to pull the plug.

“Are you ready?” said the doctor. “YES” I screamed.

I got up in an unknown place. I can’t seem to find where my funeral is. All I see is trees, like I’m in the forest. I saw a man standing still and I go up to him and ask him “Where am I?”. He replied “this is the way to heaven”.

~To Be Continue~


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