Buying and selling myself – Part 2

I followed him and as I wanted to look back he screamed “ISABELLA” and told me “Don’t look back”. I ask him out of curiosity “why?” and he stared at me and said “this is a test to see if you are willing enough to follow Gods orders”.

I was shocked to hear that and I continue to follow him. “Who are you actually?” I asked. “Well him an angel to send you straight to heaven” he replied.  As I was walking I saw people lying on the floor looking down and praying. “Why are they praying and not following us?” I ask him. He looks at me, smirks and told me “They are in purgatory expiating their sins before going to heaven”.

I was surprise and eventually a man with no arms calls me and tells me “Don’t follow that man he is not what you though he is the …” “Hey Isabella keep up” the angel told me.

“Isabella, don’t follow him. He is not an angel” said a voice behind me but I ignore the voice. The further I walk the voice is getting louder and louder. I told the angel, the angel turned back and screamed “YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE. DON’T YOU DARE COME CLOSE TO HIS GIRL”. As the angel said that I heard wings flapped away.

“We are almost there. We need to go down this huge tunnel and you have finally come home” said the angel.

We passed a huge gate and walked down the tunnel and I smell a fouled smell but I kept on going. The deeper I go the smellier it gets. It smells like dead bodies and the heat felt like the sun is next to me. “Why is the tunnel smelly and hot?” I ask the angel.

“Welcome to Hell” said the angel.

~To Be Continue~


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