Buying and selling myself – The Final Prayer

I was shocked I stared at him. “Hello my dear Isabella, my name is Lucifer and welcome home” he said. “Wait what? Please tell me is a joke” I said with a nervous voice. “How I wish it was a joke” said Lucifer.

All I can do was to cry. He put his filthy hands on my head and said “Isabella you are willing to sell your soul and buy your way into heaven but you made a huge sin just before you died”. I pushed him away and screamed “WHAT SIN?”.

“My child, you killed yourself by requesting to pull the plug” just after he said that he laughed. I try to run away from him but everytime I look back it looks like I’m not moving. “Where are you going my child” said Lucifer. “Stop calling me your child I’m not and I’m going to run to find God” as I said that he laugh and said “you can never change the decision of where you’re going to end up”

“If you are to loyal to God then why didn’t you wait till you die or wait for a miracle to happen?” said Lucifer. I tried to charge at him to hit him but I can’t move my body.

“I was the doctor who came to test you when you’re on your deathbed but it looks like you failed” said Lucifer. I was being put into a fiery pit.

At that moment I wish that God could save me from this mess. The heat of the pit is indescribable and all I can hear is screams and cries from the other spirits there. I really wanted a hand to just pull me out of this.

After years in the pit, a man with a surgeon mask pulled me out of the pit and soon he became my “soul”mate.

~The End~


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