The strange case of Phillips – Part 1

“Michael, get up we got a case to solve. Meet you at the lab” said Detective Christina. Michael gets up and goes to lab.

“Finally you are awake” said Detective Christina to Detective Michael and briefs she the team “Alright team we got a murderer that takes it victims tongue”.

“Do we have a lead, a suspect or a witness?” asked Detective Michael. “Well Detective Michael Shadows have the screw in your head loosen after Tim’s case went wrong?” replied Detective Christina with an angry look.

“What did I do wrong Christina?” asked Detective Michael. “You ask too much question!” replied Detective Christina.

“We might have a possible witness” said Alex, one of the research team.

“Spit it out, Alex” said Detective Michael. “Sorry Detective. His name is Phillips Bryan and he wrote a fiction story about the case and the title of that story is “The Voice Changer” and he stays in downtown” said Alex.

“Well not-so fiction anymore” said Detective Michael.

*ding-dong* the doorbell rings

The door opens and Detective Christina greets “Good day Mister. I’m looking for Mister Phillips Bryan. Have you seen him?”

“Well you are talking to him now. HAHAHA. Anyways how can I help you Detectives” said Phillips.

“Can we go inside and have a word with you” said Detective Michael. “Regarding?” ask Phillips.

“Well regarding your story titled The Voice Changer” replied Detective Michael.

“Sure sure, come on in. Do you want drinks?” said Phillips.

They sat down and Christina start asking “How did you manage to write the story that hasn’t been found by the police and how many did the murderer killed?”. “That story came to me in a dream. About thirteen I guess” replied Phillips.

“In a dream? How can a murderer kill that much in one night?” Detective Michael said with a sarcastic voice. Detective Christina gave him a stare after he said that.

“Yes in a dream. Well the murderer did kill all the prostitute in one night and in fact I got a story which I dreamt about last night” said Phillips.

“What is it all about?” Detective Christina ask with a sense of suspicion.

“A murderer leaves its victims headless and keeps the heads as a trophy” said Phillips.

“Where did it take place and how many victims?” ask Detective Michael.

“Well the place I’m not so sure because is too dark but the murderer killed a bank manager” replied Phillips.

They left the house and head to the lab to background check on Phillips.

“Alright team, Phillips is a writer what use to write about romantic stories and recently stories about murders” said Detective Michael.

The next day, Detective Michael got a call from Detective Christina. “Michael, remember what Phillips said about the bank manager?” said Detective Christina. “Yes Christina, spit it out” screamed Detective Michael. “He is dead like how Phillips dreamt” said Detective Christina.

~To Be Continue~


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