The strange case of Phillips – Part 2

*ding dong*

“Good morning, detective” greet Phillips.

“Good morning, Phillips. I would ask you a few questions regarding the story you told us yesterday” said Detective Michael.

“Sure sure come on in” said Phillips.

“Do you know the bank manager?” ask Detective Christina. “Nope” replied Phillips.

“Do you have any more dreams similar to this?” ask Detective Michael. “Yes a glimpse of a shoe maker who takes its victims feet and uses the human skin to make leather shoes” answered Phillips.

“This sounds so familiar” said Detective Michael to Detective Christina.

“This is the same case that hasn’t solved till now” said Detective Christina.

“Where did the murderer put the bodies at?” asked Detective Michael.

“In the rubbish bin in front of its victim’s house” replied Phillips. “Yes it’s the same case. Do you remember how did the murderer looked like?” said Detective Michael.

“No but the next victim is a researcher” said Phillips.


Detective Christina got a phone call from the Chief.

“Hello, Chief” said Detective Christina.

“Come to Alex’s house now” said the Chief.

“Thank you for your time” said Detective Christina

Detective Michael and Detective Christina head off to Alex’s house to see the Chief and they see yellow tapes around Alex’s house.

“What the hell is this” said Detective Michael.

They park their car and head to ask the Chief what had happen.

“What’s going on Chief?” ask Detective Christina.

“Alex is dead and his feet is the only part missing” said the Chief.

“So the researcher which Phillips said is Alex” said Detective Christina.

The chief looked at them and requested “Detective Christina you go undercover and investigate the whereabouts of this Phillips guy”. “But Chief” said Detective Michael. “NO BUTS” screamed the Chief.

That night Detective Christina went to follow Phillips. Phillips drove to a rundown mall that night and Detective Christina followed him.

Phillips turns around to go back to the car and while walking back he knocked Detective Christina.

“Watch where you are going, you skank” said Phillips.

Detective Christina asks the team through the microphone what is skank and all she hear was static. Without hesitation she follows him to the car and she couldn’t see where Phillips is and a crowbar hits her face.

Right before she faints she heard a voice saying “You’re mine now”.

~To Be Continue~


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